ARK Drive

How does it work?

ARK Drive is a natural performance booster. Normally people tend to take chemical compounds to boost their pleasure, erectile force or sex drive. With ARK Drive you will be able to increase your libido naturally!  It is a perfect blend of natural ingredients where Macca is the star. In a double-blind 2002 study, researchers gave 57 men either 1.5g maca, 3g maca, or placebo. The men received the supplements daily for 12 weeks. After 8 weeks, men in the two maca groups reported heightened sexual desire. In ARK Drive you will also find Chinese Ginger for sexual health and overall sexual function, ginseng to improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction and Honey for its Nitric oxide that is the compound behind erections.

For your Love Life 

Our bodies don’t always follow our minds' desires. The connection can sometimes be off and even if we want sex our body simply seem to fail us. With the help of ARK Drive you will give your body the push it needs to perform.  ICARIN, the active component of ARK drive, improves blood flow in the genital and erectile capacity by binding to the enzyme SHGB, which blocks the biological activity of testosterone and increases the number of sperm in men and sexual satisfaction in women. Don’t let your love life suffer from a natural occuring - try ARK Drive instead. 

For your Self Esteem 

We all want better sex lives, but it can be hard to perform when you don’t even like yourself. Self-esteem is the central building block of good sex, but so many of us are lacking when it comes to believing in ourselves and our right to good sex. We want to encourage people to feel better about themselves through ARK Drive. Give yourself that little extra push of lust & arousement so you can look pass your insecurities