ARK Drops - Limited Edition
ARK Drops - Limited Edition
ARK Drops - Limited Edition
ARK Drops - Limited Edition
ARK Drops - Limited Edition

ARK Drops - Limited Edition

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Meet ARK Drops Limited Edition – Your Pathway to Serenity and Mental Clarity. A specially formulated blend designed for those seeking to enhance their daily wellness with a gentle, soothing touch. Ideal for carrying in your bag to use anytime you need to restore balance and relaxation. for use in meditation, stretching, or any moment in your day that calls for calm. With a delightful citrus-flavor and a mix of calming oils, this formula is your partner for relaxation and promoting a sense of well-being. Each bottle offers approximately 120 doses of tranquility.

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ARK Drops Limited Edition is carefully formulated for those who appreciate a gentler approach but still desire significant long-term benefits for their respiratory health. Each dose is designed to soothe and relax rather than deliver the intense boost found in the original ARK Drops. This edition acts to calm the mind and gently open the airways, providing a smooth, soothing experience right from the first use. The limited blend combines the therapeutic properties of Citron, Orange, Lutsea, and Eucalyptus oils—each chosen for their abilities to support airway health and promote relaxation. This makes ARK Drops Limited Edition an essential part of your daily wellness routine, perfectly suited for enhancing peace of mind and facilitating a deeper connection to your body's natural rhythms.

  1. Shake to Activate: Upon receiving your ARK Drops, shake the bottle vigorously for 10-30 seconds. This ensures that the potent blend is thoroughly mixed and ready to unleash its full potential.
  2. Precision Dosage: Use the provided dropper to measure out precisely 0.25ml of ARK Drops. This calibrated amount is designed to deliver the perfect balance for your experience.
  3. Sublingual Absorption Technique: Place the measured dosage under your tongue. Allow the drops to linger for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. Take a deep breath to enhance absorption and immerse yourself in the moment.
  4. Enhance Your Performance: Whether engaging in physical activities, focusing on mental tasks, or seeking spiritual connection, incorporate ARK Drops into your routine 1-2 times during your performance. Elevate your experiences with the
    supportive benefits of ARK Drops.

ARK Drops Limited Edition is versatile and beneficial for various activities that focus on relaxation and stress relief. Whether you're looking to alleviate feelings of anxiety, stress, or just need a moment to reconnect with your breath, these drops are a perfect companion. They're especially useful before engaging in practices such as breathwork, yoga, meditation, stretching, or Qi Gong—any activity that benefits from enhanced calm and improved respiratory function.

This gentle formula is designed to be your go-to aid for managing daily stresses and is ideal for carrying in your bag to use anytime you need to restore balance and focus. With ARK Drops Limited Edition, you can seamlessly incorporate wellness into your daily routine, ensuring you’re prepared to tackle whatever comes your way with a centered and calm

For sustained results, use 0.25 ml of ARK Drops Limited Edition up to twice daily. Consistent use promotes a balanced, calm state of mind and enhanced breathing ease.

Discover the thoughtfully curated blend of natural ingredients in ARK Drops Limited Edition, each selected for their unique health benefits and synergistic effects:

Citron Oil: Known for its refreshing scent, Citron oil helps to reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being. It's particularly effective in calming the mind and reducing anxiety, making it a vital component in our blend for its soothing properties.

Orange Oil: This oil is celebrated for its uplifting and stress-relieving characteristics. It not only enhances mood but also assists in relaxation, providing a gentle relief from daily stresses. Orange oil is rich in antioxidants, which support overall respiratory health and immune function.

Lutsea Oil: With its vibrant, citrusy taste, Lutsea oil is excellent for promoting mental clarity and emotional balance. It has been used in different therapy to help combat feelings of anxiety and stress, making it a perfect fit for our calming formula.

Eucalyptus Oil: Eucalyptus is renowned for its ability to clear nasal passages and aid in respiratory function. It offers a cooling sensation that can soothe irritation and promote better breathing, which is crucial for those seeking comfort from respiratory challenges.

Peppermint Essential Oil: The continued star of our show, Peppermint oil helps relax the airways and may improve breathing for individuals facing nasal congestion or respiratory disorders.

MCT Oil: A carrier oil that provides a quick source of energy and aids in the absorption of essential oils. MCT oil is beneficial for brain health and maintaining energy levels, supporting overall wellness.

Stevia: A natural sweetener that enhances the flavor of the drops without adding calories. Stevia is safe for diabetics and contributes to the sweet, enjoyable taste of our formula without the use of sugar.

ARK Drops Limited Edition: Peppermint, Lemon, orange, lutsea, eucalyptus, MCT oil, natural stevia sweetener, coconut oil.

Per Daily Dose 0.5 ml:
Peppermint: 42.8%
Lemon: 6.9%

Nutrients and Substances Characterizing the Product:

  • Natural Oils: Contains citron, orange, lutsea, eucalyptus, and peppermint, known for their calming and refreshing properties.
  • Fatty Acids: Contains MCT oil, known to support energy metabolism and cognitive function.
  • Natural Sweetener: Contains steviol glycosides from stevia that provide natural sweetness without calories.

Specific Information:

Designation: Dietary Supplement

Storage Instructions: Keep out of reach of small children.

Information: This product contains natural ingredients that contribute to general well-being through their calming and refreshing properties.

Warning: Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Amount per Serving (0.25 ml):

Recommended Daily Dose: 0.5 ml (two servings) per day.

Exceeding Dose: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

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Experience the instant benefits of ARK Drops. Our natural formula provides an energising kick, improves oxygen uptake, providing stress relief, improved brain function, better sleep, and enhanced physical performance. Enjoy increased strength, endurance, and faster muscle recovery with ARK Drops.

Our premium formula is easy to incorporate into your daily routine and is recommended for use during physical performance. Simply take 0.25 ml daily and swallow. Each bottle contains approximately 120 doses which makes it a convenient and effective way to enhance your health and wellness.

4.4 / 5.0 Customer reviews


Boston Verified

WOW!!! Is this a magic drops??? lol
I was feeling super tired for couple of years. I am 56.
I since I had it today and did treadmill for 25, then some good stretching. A lot of sweating, went to shopping, did cooking, cleaned house and stills going!


George Verified

 I was really skeptic but recommended this product because I have asthma. It's crazy how much it has helped me feel relieved. Thank you


Jayy Verified

I play basketball professionally and the Ark drops makes me standing full energy all day!


DJ Verified

Very pleased with this order. The whole ordering process went fast and smoothly. Arrived a little early!! The product has already started to help!! Would definitely recommend this!!


Drennen Verified

I can actually feel that my panic attacks are slowly dissolving. Once I have one, I take these and I feel so much better just sitting and breathing. Magical product, thanks!


Aaron Verified

This product is a very good starting product if u are just getting into working out I would 10/10 recommend


SN Verified

I went from trying to motivate myself at the gym to being excited to go to the gym and spending way past my normal timeframe I would give up in


Tabares Verified

I bought it because of tiktok. I dont workout, but my work is physical so it gives me nice boost during my work. That said, there are far superior products out on the market.


How to use ARK Drops ?


Breathwork facilitator

Bosnia & Herzegovina


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Zanzibar, Africa

United Kingdom

Experience the Gentle Touch of ARK Drops Limited Edition

Embrace the softer side of wellness with ARK Drops Limited Edition, carefully crafted for a
milder experience. This formula is ideal for those seeking to ease daily stresses and gently
support respiratory health without the intense effects of the original. Perfect for maintaining a
relaxed and focused state throughout your day.

Natural is the only way

ARK Drops are 100% organic, vegan friendly & it is naturally sweetened. We use the mentioned oils to create the perfect formula for our performance booster.

You Asked. We Answered.

The Limited Edition is crafted for those who prefer a milder experience. It focuses more
on calming and relaxing effects rather than an intense energy boost.

Regular use can help reduce stress, promote relaxation, enhance mental clarity, and
support respiratory health.

ARK Drops Limited Edition is made from all-natural ingredients and is generally well-tolerated. However, as with any supplement, if you have allergies or are sensitive to any ingredients, it's recommended to consult with a healthcare provider.

Absolutely! This edition is designed with a gentle, citrus-like taste that is much softer than
the original, making it suitable for those who prefer milder flavors.

While individual experiences may vary, most users report feeling the calming effects
shortly after use, with continued benefits over time.

We do not recommend ARK Drops for pregnant women or individuals under the age of 16. If you have a medical history, please consult with your doctor before use.

Yes, you can use ARK Drops in the morning, but we recommend not taking it on an empty stomach.

ARK Drops Limited Edition is designed to be inclusive and beneficial for most adults.
However, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a medical condition, please consult
your healthcare provider before use.

No, ARK Drops does not contain caffeine.

Peppermint essential oil in pure form can harm your health. We've created the perfect blend of natural ingredients that work in harmony to help you breathe better than ever before. ARK Drops provide a safe and effective solution for improving your breathing and overall well-being.

Yes, due to its calming ingredients like Citron and Lutsea oils, ARK Drops Limited Edition
can help promote relaxation and may be beneficial for those looking to improve their sleep